Can Cannabis Help Open the Seven Chakras?

True Pure Organics Can Cannabis open the chakras

Holistic health is a big trend right now, and the widespread normalization of cannabis is playing to that piqued interest in the mind-body connection.

People everywhere are looking for ways to enhance their spirituality, and become healthier as a result.

Using cannabis definitely can be a spiritual experience, but can specific strains really have measurable effects on the seven chakras? 

The chakras are the seven energetic centers of the body. They can be activated through a variety of means: meditation, mantras, intention, prayer, and also food and lifestyle. Herbs—and cannabis—are a big part of that.

Activating the Chakras seems to be related directly to the typical terpene profiles of different strains. Many cannabis terpenes are also found in herbs and essential oils, which have been used therapeutically since ancient times.

What does Ayurvedic medicine have to say about the effects of these phytochemicals on the chakras?

If anything, terpenes will relate to the first and second chakras—the ones that control the realms of smell and taste, respectively. In Ayurvedic medicine, herbs are not the end-all; it all comes down to intent. The effect of a strain depends on the intention of the grower, the processors, the retailer, and ultimately the consumer and what they want their results to be.

Cannabis has a dualistic nature. It can do two things: help you feel grounded and balanced, or ground you too much, causing sluggishness, fatigue, or anxiety. Generally, yes—an indica will cause sleepiness, so it may be said to activate the first chakra, keeping us grounded. However, someone who is already a bit of a sloth may experience a disturbance from a heavy indica strain.

Based on what we know now, how cannabis affects every individual is a very individualized experience.

Therapeutic benefits of cannabis are directly correlated to our intention—and this has been measured as a placebo effect. The spiritual aspect of using cannabis, which has been used medicinally for thousands of years, cannot be ignored.